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What Psychologists Say About Play Therapy

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By George Cooper

Some kids are referred to a child psychologist. This can be effective in some cases. However, the psychologist will often refer the child to a play therapist. Play therapy can come as an advantage to many kids. It can especially be helpful to the child who is introverted or who is not willing to share. Sometimes, a child will have been through some trauma in their lives. They will be unwilling to express themselves. However, this is often revealed in the non-verbal approach which can be just as effective.

This has proven to be very effective due to a number of different reasons. Psychologists say that kids need to feel that the process feels natural. It is hardly natural sitting next to a stranger in a chair and being asked a number of questions. This is obviously intimidating. It is bad enough for an adult going through this sort of a process, but a child will really struggle.

This type of therapy is often something that the child will look forward. Kids enjoy playing with toys, doing arts and crafts and getting involved with imaginary play. A therapist will allow the child to pick a toy or a game. Over time the child will begin to connect with the therapist in more of a natural way. This will build up the relationship and the child will begin to trust the therapist.

An adult may be able to express their emotions. However, a child doesn't know how to get this out into words. It especially relates to the younger child or the toddler. Parents may wonder why their toddler is having so many tantrums. They have problems with discipline. Sometimes, they will become more harsh with the youngster, and don't realize that this change in behavior is due to a particular situation which requires this type of therapy.

Socially, they will also improve, because the therapist is naturally known to be so encouraging. Their self esteem and level of confidence will take off over time. This is why it is important for parents not to say that they simply have a child who is shy. It can be something a lot deeper than this.

Once the therapist knows what the child is having trouble with, they are able to deal with it. It can be a process. Parents may need to get involved so that they have more knowledge and so that they know how to handle the situation. It is important to know for a parent to give their support, without getting overly involved. The therapist needs to be in charge.

Although a therapist like this needs to set boundaries with the parent so that they don't get too involved, parents also need to know how they must support their child. This is something to talk about in the initial stages. Therapists will need to update parents. However, it is also important that the parents doesn't take control and take over as soon as the youngster gets home from the session.

Of course, this can be a tricky situation, since emotions become involved. The therapist must know that ethics are involved. She should be aware that the needs of the child are most important. There may be times when there is a little aggressive behavior. This can be looked into. However, severe abuse is something more serious.

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