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The Printing Of New Notes

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By Alxa Roffel

2011 it was announced that the Federal Reserve will be updating the 100$ notes, It is one of the most circulated US currency notes in and around the United States. It was the first ever update proposed to be made after the introduction of the 100$ notes since 1996 and the most unique update to the series of updates in comparison to other US currency notes, 5$ bill, 10$ bill, 20$ bill and 50$ bill.

It was announced that the 100 bill will be printed and circulated by the February of 2011, but somehow the proposal got reject due to problems in the notes and was postponed later to be circulated from October 2013. The 100$ US currency note is one of the most counterfeited note outside United States and therefore the notes were reprinted after long research to get notes with new security features implied on them.

The printing of the new bills were to be initiated by the Fed's in the year 2003, however, since then it has been chipping away. Later in 2011, the 100$ notes were scheduled again for circulation but there was some problems in the agency and the date was postponed, due to unwanted creases. It definitely helped the Federal reserves to take a look again at the notes to make sure they are secured and encrypted.

The three dimensional security is made up of thousands of micro lenses, used in every bill or note. It is also declared as one of the most complicated note ever prepared by the United States. It is a ribbon that runs through the new 100$ US note vertically.

Later in 2013 a newly designed 100$ note was circulated, which was earlier to be released in 2011 but it was not published due to some issues with the printing. There were some new security features introduced in the newly circulated notes, here are the newly added features.

Also there was no problem in getting rid of the old stack as they still went on to be legal, but after the announcement of the new redesigned notes, the old notes that were collected by the Federal Reserve were destroyed and replaced. This was done to avoid any kind of confusion with the notes in the ATMs. The security feature introduced in the notes consisted of the following.

There were some security features that was also retained from the old 100$ notes, some of the features were updated such as the portrait watermark, the security thread, colour shifting 100, raised printing, serial numbers and so on. The new note did had a portrait watermark on the 100$ bill, which is visible on both the sides. The new 3D security thread is visible on the right of the watermark. There is also an embedded security thread that can be found on the left of the portrait and is similar to the current security thread, when viewed under UV light it glows in pink colour.

The security features of the new printed notes were discussed for around a decade as the Federal Reserve wanted to have a 100$ US currency that is extremely difficult to counterfeit. Considering the fact that the 100 US dollar currency note is one of the most counterfeited notes outside the country, it was a necessary step. Use of micro printing and Raised printing was also done to add to the security feature of the currency.

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