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Ideas On What To Do With An Ivory Silk Ribbon

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By Michael Campbell

Even the simplest of items can be transformed into something visually pleasing with a little bit of spice and creativity. Being crafty can save money, as well as adding some individuality and a personal finishing touch to a gift or project. An ivory silk ribbon can be used in numerous ways, and therefore should not be discarded as a useless item, but put into storage even if you don't need it right now.

Ivory is such a versatile color that goes well with lots of other colors. The first thing that comes to mind is bridal, and lots of brides-to-be will choose ivory instead of white, especially when planning a wedding with a vintage feel. There are a number of ways in which the silk ribbon could be used in the bride's finished look, or you could incorporate it into the wedding decor.

In a wedding setting, you can tie a silk ribbon around where you will be holding your bouquet and finish it in a stunning bow. You could add a brooch or other sparkly decorative elements to give it a wow factor. You, as the bride, could also wear the ribbon in your hair to enhance your hairdo or tie it around your mid-section as a sash. You could add a brooch the same way in either of these suggestions.

Ribbons could be used elsewhere in the bridal party. Flower girls would look very cute with ribbon sashes around their waist and tied in a bow at the back, or even junior bridesmaids. If the flower girl is throwing any petals as she walks down the aisle, then tie around the basket or the handle with the ribbon to finish it off.

You could use ribbons in your daily looks and outfits, too. Tie one as a choker around your neck, securing either behind or in front in a bow for a girly finish. Add some beads to it to create a different looks, switching up the beads whenever you like.

Ribbons can be used as a lovely finishing touch on a birthday or Christmas gift. Finish off gift wrapping with a ribbon in a bow - there are lots of tutorials available online showing how to tie different kinds of bows. You can use a ribbon on a box or at the top of a gift bag.

On the topic of Christmas, an ivory-colored ribbon is wonderful to incorporate into the decor. It can be woven into a wreath or tied in a bow at the top to hang on a front door. It can also replace string to hang up tree ornaments. Using the ribbons in the ornaments and decorations can add a little something extra.

As you can tell, this is an item that can be saved and reused a number of times. Store it safely in a box with some tissue paper to preserve it for as long as you need to until it comes in handy. There are endless amounts of ways to make it useful, just by thinking a little creatively!

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