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Guidelines On How To Square Dance

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By Helen White

Square dancing is one of the most enjoyed and social dancing style. It is considered as an antique dancing style and the rules that are in place helps to persevere it. It is practiced in most clubs in Europe and most people are taking these classes to ensure that they keep with the pace of the other members. The following are some of the guidelines you need to observe on how to square dance:

You should be in the right attire. Both the gents and the ladies need to be in attires that are convenient yet classy. The tradition of the dancing dictates that the couples need to look polished and mostly portray the western fashion in their dressing. Gentlemen should go for the long sleeved shirt, pressed jeans and bolo tie. The long sleeve is mostly to cover up the sweaty arms. Ladies should go for patterned dresses and petticoats with less jewelry.

These dancing sessions are coordinated with the caller. They dictate on the rhythm and the pace of the dancing on the floor. The caller is responsible to choose the various calls and they can go for the patter or the singing call. When they go for the patter, you should be prepared to increase your pace as it is faster and it is mostly done with the experienced dancers. You should therefore be willing to get loose when you join the square.

The basics of the dance lie on the squares that are formed. A square contains four couples that form a team. There are several other squares formed by different couples that are ready to be tipped by the caller. The couples are supposed to follow the moves of the caller once the music begins. There are different methods but the most famous calls include promenade and circle to the left.

No couple or dancer is allowed to join any square. You should ensure that you are sober before you join any square. When the caller or your dancing team realizes that you are under the influence you will be removed from the square. It is impossible to complete the moves because they require good coordination skills.

Talking is not allowed during the dancing session. Though it is regarded as social dance, you should maintain silence once the caller has tipped the other dancers. When you talk, you will cause unnecessary disturbances and may cause other dancers not to hear what the caller is saying. You should also be willing to join any square that is not complete with the eight dancers.

You should pay much attention to the time. You should avoid being late at any cost because that means that other couples that do not have complete squares will have to miss out. You should also never quit the dancing as you will inconvenience others. When the dance is done, you should applaud the caller and make introductions to the other couples.

You should ensure that you have attended the classes to get the idea of different dancing techniques. You should be at your best when joining a square and you should be maintaining personal hygiene. You should consider the above rules when you are considering joining other couples for the dance.

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